Innovative Thinking (IT) provides business consulting services that improve service performance, reduce costs and optimise effectiveness. Our specialties are the identification of business improvement programs and the implementation of change. What makes us different is our ability to understand our clients’ needs and develop intelligent and practical solutions that give clients real outcomes and make a difference to their business performance.


Francis McDowell

Managing Director

I am a sales and marketing professional and a problem solver who received his degree in business studies from Keele University in the UK. I have had various management positions in IBM, Wang, Rank Xerox and Marconi, developing and managing sales across financial, retail, publishing and telecoms industries and performing different sales and marketing roles until exiting the UK for a sunnier climate in Australia. I am well known for bringing a creative approach to technical challenges and thinking strategically about how clients can take advantage of new market opportunities. I have been in the Australian ICT market for 15 years in Telstra, Siemens and Unico and as a private consultant at Innovative Thinking (IT), where we apply asset management principles to enable revenue growth, cost optimisation and process efficiency.

We founded Innovative Thinking (IT) because we saw the need for a business focused approach to solving IT problems. Our belief is that our success relies on understanding what our customer wants and delivering on our promises.


Frank Bevacqua

Director, Program Delivery

I am a delivery director with qualifications in Electronics and Leadership Management from RMIT and Six Sigma and PMP accreditations. I have over twenty years’ experience producing outcomes that drive business performance. My clients in the past have included Telstra, Coles, Transurban, Sprint and NextGen Group. During the transformation of Telstra, I contributed to the implementation of the architectural strategy and the integration into the network. My business experience is across a range of markets including telecommunications, retail supply chain, health and transport where I have led global projects in Europe, America and Asia, placing a strong emphasis on understanding and delivering IT systems that drive better business performance. I’ve been working in Innovative Thinking across the services sectors in Australia to deliver high quality work in asset management and ICT consulting and I’ve applied my project management experience to ensure quality outcomes for our clients.