Australian healthcare will cost the taxpayer $81.8 bn in 2019-20 which is 16.3% of the government’s total expenditure. It has some of the most technically complex and varied assets under management 

  • The shocks dealt to the health sector by the COVID-19 health crisis have happened at a time when Australian healthcare was already under pressure from increased demand for patient services coming from growing populations and broader service provision.

  • Efficient and affordable healthcare that has until now been delivered through traditional care models is being re-evaluated to respond to the new social norm for remote care. 

  • The conversion from paper based to digital records using the Electronic Medical Records system will be the backbone of inpatient/outpatient care and will be the common factor that links services to patient requirements. 


Innovative Thinking (IT) develops asset management systems for health agencies, ensuring that the new normal includes methods to manage risk, costs and performance.



Asset Management Advisory, Business Analysis

Providing a maturity analysis to assess the gaps in asset management capability.


Asset Management Advisory

Building an asset management system for a leading Victorian health agency.

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