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Until recently, costly investments in fibre and infrastructure have been required to make the leap to better service performance, but the arrival of the nbn™ Business Fibre Zones solves the access problem by bringing the fibre and services to your doorstep. Each fibre zone brings to Australian businesses free fibre connections and as the zones roll out, they are accompanied by the discontinuation of copper services. The incentive to change has never been stronger. Lower cost access to fibre plus business grade support is now possible for all qualifying enterprises presenting significant opportunities for growth and performance improvement.

Making the switch effectively requires planning and some technical know-how, such as:

  • Dealing with different connections, devices, traffic classes, support options and RSP products

  • Analysing usage, costs and projected growth

  • Mapping and transitioning existing services accurately to new products

  • Managing copper discontinuations

  • Selecting the best provider(s) and plans

  • Identifying the right type of support for different business areas in your organisation

  • Making sure that there are no outages during the service transition

  • Checking that you are getting the services that you ordered


Innovative Thinking (IT) minimises the risk of the transition by setting up the migration project for you and hand-holding your organisation through the transition. If you are dealing with multiple sites, devices, traffic types and RSP offerings we can perform the analysis, design the services transition plan and orchestrate the migration. 

Our approach provides you with: 

  • Eligibility verification and checking of fibre and Enterprise Ethernet readiness

  • Site qualification, service design, and stakeholder liaison

  • Infrastructure rationalisation recommendation

  • Analysis and recommendation of support requirements

  • Applications and usage analysis including bandwidth and services requirements

  • Product recommendation and nbn service bundle dimensioning

  • RSP benchmarking and selection

  • RSP planning including transition strategy, service plans and risk management

  • Scheduling and transition coordination

  • Post implementation review including verification of transition billing

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Innovative Thinking (IT) is a business nbn™ accredited advisor




Client Relationship Management, Business nbn Accredited Advisor

Assisting large enterprises to migrate to the Australian broadband network.