The client relationship manager worked with nbn™, the customers and the RSP to anticipate and manage any issues that arose during the planning and execution of the transition. As this project was the first of its kind, the client relationship manager needed to work closely with the customer, the RSP and the nbn™ management teams. 

Key activities included:

  • Ensuring all parties were aligned to the same vision

  • Identifying and dealing with any obstacles

  • Pre-empting any issues that present risks to the project

  • Developing knowledge about the RSP, their systems and processes and proactively identifying problems that would occur during systems and process integration

  • Managing the relationships between the RSP and the end customer

  • Working with the end customer to update documented information


Innovative Thinking (IT) built strong relationships between nbn™, the RSP and the customer and communicated effectively with the key parties throughout the project. 




Client Relationship Management, Business nbn Accredited Advisor

Assisting large enterprises to migrate to the Australian broadband network.