Asset management is the core business of every asset rich enterprise, be the assets physical or intangible. ISO 55000 calls asset management “the lifecycle management of assets to achieve the stated outputs of the enterprise.”

Organisations on the asset management journey need a roadmap that shows how to implement the AMS. Innovative Thinking (IT) provides AMS20™, a roadmap that delivers an AMS in stages. We design and build the asset management system, tailored to the requirements of the organisation using a team of specialists. Then we transfer the AMS to the organisation ensuring that the organisation can implement and operate it. Our approach includes an audit at the end of each stage to ensure that changes become embedded in the organisation. In this way we make sure that no part of the change process is missed. 

Programs can take up to five years to reach maturity and are delivered according to the principles outlined in ISO 55001. Our project services include:

Maturity analysis

  • Strategy development

  • Objectives development & alignment

  • Asset management plan development

  • Policy development

  • Risk management process design

  • Continuous improvement process design

  • Skills uplift


AMS development

  • Project management

  • Supplier contract evaluation & change

  • Stakeholder management analysis and procedural design

  • Governance design

  • Major project system readiness

  • Alignment to other management systems & policies

  • Services & asset mapping


Information management

  • Data analysis and strategy development

  • Performance culture analysis and design 

  • Report definition

  • Procedural integration

  • Information integration


Clients can engage any or all of these services according to the stage they have reached on their asset management journey.




Asset Management Advisory

Providing ANSTO with a journey plan to asset management.



Asset Management Advisory, Technical Writing, Business Analysis

Refreshing Vic Track’s asset management procedures.



Asset Management Advisory, Business Analysis

Providing a maturity analysis to assess the gaps in asset management capability.