Victorian water infrastructure spans distribution, recycling, waste management and urban requirements. Some of the oldest and most heavily used assets in Victoria service the rising demand for water services, putting increasing pressure on established infrastructure. Innovation in technology and management practices is the key to a sustainable water industry.

The 19 water corporations in Victoria provide a range of services to customers and communities across the state.

  • They meet the challenge of modernising Victoria’s aged infrastructure.

  • They keep the services up and running and minimise supply costs. 

  • They balance future growth with the economic reality of the present. 


From the WSAA benchmarking activity by Aquamark to the Premo pricing structures required by the Essential Services commission the emphasis is on providing value for money water supply for domestic and business customers.

Innovative Thinking (IT) identifies and understands the key issues that face the Victorian water sector and provides advisory services to the asset management teams that support them. 




Asset Management Advisory, Business Analysis

Providing analysis and recommendations about asset management practices for a leading rural water agency.



Asset Management Advisory

Providing advice about the Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF) requirements and how to comply with them.