Transportation has a vital role in society and contributes significantly to the economy. The sector faces a number of challenges to cope with today and tomorrow’s demand;

  • The growing metro and rural demographic applies pressure to existing transport networks.

  • The impact of COVID-19 on network utilisation.

  • Integration of transportation networks in an era of rapid technology evolution. 

  • The emerging reality of managing the data wave generated by IoT devices. 


Policy makers don’t know what the new transport normal looks like and are dealing with conflicting market forces that place a heavy responsibility upon planners and agencies to design and deliver networks and services that will adapt to future needs.

Innovative Thinking (IT) works with transport agencies and policymakers to build asset management systems, and improve efficiencies, develop data strategies and enable the integration of transport agencies through process, systems and skills uplift.



IT Systems Transformation, Project Management

Supporting one of the world’s largest toll road operators in their legacy systems transformation.



Training regional staff in the principles of asset management.


Asset Management Advisory

Building a journey plan to mature asset management practices in a transportation agency.

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