IT Systems Transformation, Project Management

Innovative Thinking (IT) was approached to work on the development of an operational support documentation library to support the migration to the new Transurban systems stack.

When Transurban upgraded their CRM, BI, billing, data warehousing and banking systems, they had to test that operational procedures would work during cutover and ensure that they could roll back to the legacy stack if problems occurred.

The technology was complex and made up of systems of varying technologies and ages, many with no operating instructions, backup or disaster recovery routines. At the same time, new cameras, customised systems and many new interfaces were being added as Transurban expanded to cope with tolling demands.

As minimal data and documentation was available from the designers, Innovative Thinking (IT) investigated Wiki’s, local data sources, different data formats, intuitive knowledge and conducted interviews to assemble the knowledge.

An operational support library for all the different systems, platforms and applications was developed so that the solutions support group could manage the rollback process and provide operational support for the new systems.

Innovative Thinking (IT) developed and documented operational support routines using this approach:

  • Fit/gap analysis of all operational support routines

  • Identification of data sources and content

  • Identification of existing and new operational procedures

  • Operational document project planning

  • Development of Work Instruction templates

  • Development and documentation of operational processes

  • Status and project reporting

  • Document peer review process

  • Document approval process

A number of rollbacks were simulated and the cut over to the production system was achieved.