Innovative Thinking (IT) identifies and develops the operational support documentation for legacy technology systems. After identifying content from local Wiki’s, corporate systems and individuals, we develop and organise thousands of operational procedures into a structured documentation library of Work Instructions that can easily be accessed to support roll back of the new system in the event of problems during cutover.

The service includes:

  • Fit/gap analysis of startup/shut down processes for legacy systems

  • Identification of data sources and content for existing and new systems

  • Development of documentation framework

  • Simulation and testing of work instructions

  • Preparation of templates and guides 

  • Publication and integration into workflow system

  • Handover to client


Innovative Thinking (IT) handed to the client an end to end operational process that became standard operational procedures during the systems migration and during the next 90-day hyper care period.




IT Systems Transformation, Project Management

Supporting one of the world’s largest toll road operators in their legacy systems transformation.