Asset Management Advisory, Business Analysis

When Barwon Health wanted to assess its compliance with the Victorian Treasury’s Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF), it turned to Innovative Thinking (IT) to perform the assessment.

We provided a team of experienced asset management consultants to review the systems, processes and skills that were being used to manage assets throughout their lifecycle. Like most health organisations, we found Barwon Health provided first class patient care services but had many different data sources, business drivers and competing initiatives. We developed a journey plan that drew together the disparate information, processes and functions to support the management of Barwon Health’s critical assets. The highlights of the journey plan were:

  • Fit/gap analysis of the AMAF and ISO 55000

  • Alignment of asset performance and corporate objectives

  • Stakeholder management process

  • Organisational constraints and opportunities

  • Training and development plan

  • Documentation requirements

  • Asset registration requirements

  • Analysis of the five-year capital plan

  • Analysis of the skills, processes and systems

  • Development of an asset management improvement plan

This plan assisted Barwon Health to develop its asset management strategy.