Asset Management Advisory

When ANSTO was faced with assets that were over half way through their lifecycle and no formal method to manage and maintain them, they approached Innovative Thinking (IT) to develop an asset management journey plan. The planned doubling of its experimental capacity left the management team with a problem; to ensure maximum availability while processing twice as many experiments. The asset management plan focussed on the Australian Synchrotron; a strategic resource for Australia collaborating with Australian universities and international academic and scientific institutions. Experiments conducted with the Synchrotron frequently lead to a range of scientific research and publications that promotes commercial product development and academic leadership.

Innovative Thinking (IT) reviewed the existing systems and processes to identify gaps and provided the Plant maintenance team with an asset management journey plan that staged the implementation of an asset management system, introducing basic, intermediate and advanced management practices that enabled better risk management of assets, improved reliability of the Synchrotron services and optimised the costs of replacement and service. The journey plan design was based on the following assessments:

  • Defining the organisational context

  • Reviewing risk-based decision-making processes

  • Identifying the asset classes

  • Developing the asset management stakeholder map

  • Identifying the key Synchrotron services

  • Identifying a performance and condition data specification for critical assets

  • Aligning assets, services and goals

  • Identifying asset and service performance requirements

  • Identifying supplier performance reporting requirements

  • Registration of assets

Innovative Thinking (IT) used this analysis as the basis of a journey plan to build the asset management system (AMS) introducing the changes as part of a staged implementation.