Asset Management Advisory

Located in the urban setting of Clayton, Monash Health is Victoria’s leading health agency with over 250 uniquely integrated services focused on improving the health of the Victorian community. Future additions will include Australia’s first heart hospital, a $564m landmark facility dedicated to cardiac care and planned for completion in 2022. The vast array of assets that run today’s hospital and the future management requirements of the new facility led the board of Monash Health to seek an asset management system that would be able to scale to meet the demands of the demographic who will use today’s and tomorrow’s care services.

In 2019, Monash Health asked Innovative Thinking (IT) to provide the design for an asset management system (AMS) that would uplift the existing management systems processes and skills. We worked with the 14 key business functions to prepare the organisation for the AMS introduction and its impacts on existing systems, procedures and skills.

Innovative Thinking (IT) used the following approach:

  • Fit/gap analysis of existing systems, skills and processes

  • Cross functional analysis of change impacts

  • Estimate of quantum of effort required to build an AMS

  • Development of data reference architecture for asset performance measurement

  • Analysis of AMS integration requirements

  • Analysis of systems integration requirements

  • Policy enablement and knowledge transition

  • Development of stakeholder communications plan

  • Development of a 5-year rollout program

We delivered a sequenced and prioritised program to deploy an AMS to support the critical assets based on our AMS20™ program which provides a start-up design and scalability options.