Telecommunications - shutterstock_19752376The telecommunications market in Australia is in a state of rapid evolution. Migration of key applications into the cloud, high adoption of devices and the emergence of a consumer culture powered by an ‘as a service’ technology have dwarfed the demand for traditional fixed line services. This has created major challenges for traditional telcos, who are speeding up product development, lowering the technology delivery costs and basing quality of service on the customer experience. The business of a telco today has never been more complex, yet budgets have never been tighter. Innovative Thinking (IT) works with telcos to enable the changes to IT systems that improve business performance.

Finance - shutterstock_110430647High value transactions, complex networks, real-time processing and increasing data velocity are the typical challenges faced by australian financial services industry. The business of a financial services  company today is comprehensive, addressing, wholesale, retail and end user demands. Innovative Thinking (IT) helps financial services clients respond quickly to emerging market opportunities through our business led approach and expertise in technology.

Utilities -iStock_000024423664SmallAustralia’s utilities sector is evolving a second business, that of data collection, storage and analysis as  smart meters are deployed throughout Australia. As the utilities sector wrestles with the issues of generation, storage and distribution, the amount of data to measure performance will rise exponentially and returns on this investment are yet to be guaranteed. Innovative Thinking (IT) brings its expertise to connect systems and extract meaningful data.

Government -iStock_000014077883SmallSmart meters, renewable energy, major transport initiatives and infrastructure projects are having a significant impact on Australian society and require expertise and resources from the private sector to complete. Innovative Thinking (IT) provides analytics and project management expertise to central and government agencies and works with universities and TAFE colleges to build the skills in young students to contribute to these initiatives.

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