Transitioning To The nbn™ Network

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Transitioning to the Australian broadband network

You are probably aware of the massive investments in Australian fibre that will make it possible for you to migrate to the Australian broadband network. For you it means that your telco services are now contestable, allowing you to take to the market those services that have previously been locked into dedicated fibre.

It’s a great opportunity to benchmark and ensure that you are getting best value for money and decide if you want to change.

Should you decide to take this approach, the benchmarking, service design and transition is complex and there has been no independent agency that will help you through the process – until now.

Innovative Thinking (IT) stands behind you while you make the transition. We understand how difficult it is to change providers and make the transition seamlessly.

Listen to the video and find out how Innovative Thinking (IT) can help you on your transitioning journey.

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